Volcel Androphil

So I just got introduced to the whole sub-culture of Alpha males, Beta Males, Omega Males, Sigmas volcel incel etc. This is popular on Reddit and other sites. It is an interesting if not cynical view of straight male hierarchy-usually in relation to dating women.

Apparently I am a volcel androphil which means I am a voluntarily  celibate masculine male attracted to other males that refuses to play the “game” (male hierarchy politics).

Maybe exgays and Celibate Gays should be studied through the lens of sociology. We refuse to enter gay culture while holding on to traditional views of masculine and feminine roles. Since we can’t be the men we aspire to be we checkout of the “game” altogether and live our lives isolated.





Celibate Gays Albuquerque meeting

on the evening of January 31 I will host a get together for celibate Gays in Albuquerque. We will do a potluck, introduce ourselves to each other, and watch a YouTube video by Wesley Hill.

To get information and RSVP go to the Meetup site.


Why I believe in Purgatory

Maccabees is the Scripture from which the Catholic teaching of Purgatory arises. 2 Maccabees to be more precise. At the time of Jesus Maccabees and some other books of the Old Testament were considered part of the Scriptures.

No where in the New Testament does it state that these Books should not be considered part of the Canon. Therefore I include them in Scripture. Well after the establishment of Christianity in Rome Jewish leaders removed these books from the Canon of Jewish Scripture. After the Reformation Protestant leaders did the same.

CS Lewis believed in Purgatory and so do I. It does change your perspective on the question of salvation. Jesus is still the only way to Heaven but people get a “second chance” at salvation through Purgatory. This isn’t exactly Catholic teaching on Purgatory but it does align with CS Lewis ideas presented in “The Great Divorce.”

Amtrak: A Great way to travel

Amtrak is a hidden gem in American transportation. Many people think that someday they will take Amtrak but never get around to it. These are the reasons I love to take Amtrak.

1. The view. Seeing the country pass by on the Southwest Chief as you travel through the desert southwest is a beautiful experience.

2. The Romance of train travel. Train travel is less harried and more exciting than travel by car and airplane.

3. The employees are customer oriented. From the Albuquerque station employees to the cabin attendants to the dining staff the employees at Amtrak really are professional and friendly.

4. The Dining Car, Snack Bar, and Observation Lounge. It is OK to talk to people on the train. Unlike airlines where everyone avoids each other.

5. Sleeping on the rails. There is something about rail travel that lulls you to sleep in a cozy way.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Cozy, Comfy, and Delicious that is how I feel in the Holiday season. Listening to Classic Christmas music, visiting (or texting) friends, and reflecting on my Christian journey.

I start this blog with some trepidation, but hoping this blog will allow me to connect with others who have been through the fire of Christian discipleship and continue to pursue the Prince of Peace while working out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Peace.

Francis Shrine.png


My devotional Shrine.