Amtrak is a hidden gem in American transportation. Many people think that someday they will take Amtrak but never get around to it. These are the reasons I love to take Amtrak.

1. The view. Seeing the country pass by on the Southwest Chief as you travel through the desert southwest is a beautiful experience.

2. The Romance of train travel. Train travel is less harried and more exciting than travel by car and airplane.

3. The employees are customer oriented. From the Albuquerque station employees to the cabin attendants to the dining staff the employees at Amtrak really are professional and friendly.

4. The Dining Car, Snack Bar, and Observation Lounge. It is OK to talk to people on the train. Unlike airlines where everyone avoids each other.

5. Sleeping on the rails. There is something about rail travel that lulls you to sleep in a cozy way.




3 thoughts on “Amtrak: A Great way to travel

  1. Ive never been on a train but I have been thinking it might be a fun thing to do someday. I live in the Midwest and my son lives in California and it would be fun to take train and go visit him. I think it is cheaper than other forms of transportation too. Another positive for me is I don’t like flying. I flew to California when my son was in the military and I hated the plane flight.

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